Your Business Needs to work with a Virtual Assistant!

Benefits a Virtual Assistant (VA) can bring to your business:
    Independant Contractor - As a business owner VA's seek to grow, and serve clients with excellence
    Dependable - Virtually NO SICK TIME
    A VA works remotely from their own home office - no space required
    VA's manages their own payroll
    Versus hiring an employee
    Employees require:
    a place of employment,
    sick pay,
    managed payroll.
Finding an excellent, dependable employee with good work ethics can be costly, take time away from important business and research.


Remote Virtual Office Assistant Services LLC

RVOAS LLC provides Administrative Support Solutions to busy professionals resulting in business growthCheck out the solutions available by clicking on the “Services” tab.

Serving clients for more than 2 years; sub-contracting with Virtual Assistant Teams, West Coast and East Coast Clients in addition to local area businesses creating exciting benefits for everyone.

  • Cleaning up inefficient QuickBooks accounts for more useful cash flow information and reporting.

  • Small business training for improved Microsoft Office Excel and Word efficiency.

  • Website monitoring, posts, and editing,

  • Social Media marketing management

  • Contact and email management


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