Who doesn’t love a good Challenge?


So, whenever I think of the word Challenge I think that it’s something I’ll try once, maybe twice and if I don’t experience immediate success – give up, move on. Then the word COMMITMENT comes to mind.

When I decided to start a business it wasn’t until I made the legal commitment to establish the business name (Remote Virtual Office Assistant Services LLC) and print the first business card that I really got serious about it. Challenging, oh yes. Scary, no doubt. Fear of failure, every day. I believe there’s no choice but to either continue on, set and reach goals, plan to overcome challenges and figure it out, one way or another, or give up and accept defeat. There are promises to keep, business decisions to be made, clients to reach and challenges to overcome.

I’ve also recently learned, at my age, I am still teachable. I can still learn something new, and more so improve on things I thought I already knew. If there is something I don’t know and want to learn,  I can study and learn it. Now is the time. There are so many resources available and willing individuals who are happy to share their expertise. My life has been changed as the result of facing some big challenges. I’m able to start and finish projects, accomplish goals and manage various responsibilities at the same time. Daily there are new challenges and goals to set and reach, boundaries to overcome and fear to be calmed. It’s all doable with the right attitude. Don’t give up. MAKE A COMMITMENT, chose to challenge yourself, make a plan, follow through and complete one project one step at a time. Finish what you start. If there’s a roadblock, take a step back, evaluate lessons learned and START OVER moving forward.


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